Councillor Wyn Davies Selected to Fight Milford District Council Seat

New Forest Liberal Democrats have selected well-known New Milton parish councillor and former Milford resident, Wyn Davies, as their candidate for the forthcoming Milford by-election.

Wyn Davies, a previous chairman of the New Forest Liberal Democrat local party and a long-time New Milton town councillor, has been a New Forest resident since 1985.

Wyn has family connections with the New Forest going back three generations. His grandparents lived in Ringwood, his parents in Milford and his children went to school in New Milton.

Wyn is a Chartered Engineer, author and an internationally-known maritime heritage expert. During his 18 years’ of public service, Wyn has served as vice chairman of New Milton Town Council, chairman of the town council planning committee and was responsible for the “Town Design Statement”, which is currently in use as planning guidance for the town.

Wyn brings with him a wealth of local knowledge and experience in dealing with the New Forest District Council’s planning authority and is currently serving on New Milton’s Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

Councillor Wyn Davies is pictured atop the controversially rebuilt beach huts. The project was overspent by £1.2m by the Tory-led administration at a time of significant government cuts to council funding.

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