The Conservative-run Hampshire County Council are proposing to withdraw school crossing patrols unless their cost is picked up by schools or possibly Town/Parish Councils.

This comes as the County Council plans an extra £140 million of cuts. The scrapping of School Crossing Patrols would cut an estimated £1.2 million.

Responding to the news, local party chairman Jack Davies, said:

“As with most of the proposed cuts to services by the Conservatives, the devil is in the detail.

“The Conservatives say that schools should fund school crossing patrols but one third of state schools are in deficit due to Conservative cuts. The truth is that schools cannot afford to fund school crossing patrols when they can barely keep themselves running.

“The Conservatives also believe that Town and Parish Councils should run them. That might just be possible in towns like Lymington and New Milton with a large precept, but smaller councils in the New Forest cannot afford to run the service without increasing their share of council tax.

“As with so much else, the Conservatives are playing politics with our money.”

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