Labour have avoided debating any issues related to Brexit at their conference in Brighton. The lack of any Europe related debates or votes was due to manoeuvring by Corbyn’s Momentum in an attempt to avoid embarrassment for the party leadership.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake said:

“Corbyn’s anti-EU wing of the Labour party have won the day. Following pressure from his Momentum pressure group the party have ducked away from debating the biggest issue currently facing the country at their conference.

“Labour have again shown themselves to be neither here nor there, unable to come up with a coherent policy for fear of their own internal politics spilling out into the public.

“Labour do not stand for anyone on Europe.

“It is clear that the Liberal Democrats are the only party taking the fight to Theresa May and opposing her plan for an extreme Brexit.”

Local Party Chairman, Jack Davies, said:

“The New Forest voted 58-42 percent in favour of leaving the European Union.

“By refusing to debate the issue of Britain leaving the European Union, Corbyn’s Labour Party won’t give a voice to the 42 percent of people in the New Forest who voted to remain.

“The Liberal Democrats will give the people their say in a first referendum on the facts so that people can have a real, informed choice. They can choose the government deal or they can choose an exit from Brexit.”

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