All across the country, schools are facing budget cuts. According to the National Association of Head Teachers, 93% of schools will have per-pupil funding cut under the Conservatives.

The New Forest doesn’t escape from the Conservative cuts either, despite both Members of Parliament being Conservative Party Politicians.

You can find out how much your local school will lose by going to the School Cuts website and typing in your postcode or the name of the school you want details on. The tool also shows the amount of funding cut per pupil and the equivalent in teachers made redundant.

Chair of New Forest Liberal Democrats, Jack Davies, said:

“The Conservatives claimed during the election that they had protected the schools budget in real terms but they have not per-pupil.

“Local schools are facing drastic cuts that will almost certainly have a negative impact on the quality of education our children and grandchildren receive.

“The Liberal Democrats would invest £7 billion extra in children’s education, so that no school loses money per pupil in cash terms, while we opposed the rolling out of new grammar schools when existing schools were in desperate need of adequate funding.”

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