Earlier today, Theresa May called an early General Election to be held on Thursday 8th June 2017. This is subject to the result of a House of Commons vote on the matter on Wednesday 19th April. 

As Tim Farron said, this General Election is the people’s opportunity to change the direction of our country. 

In the New Forest, Liberal Democrats are already out knocking on doors and helping to get out messgae across to the people. It’s time for Real Change from the Conservatives and their damaging hard Brexit that will pull us out of the world’s largest borderless marketplace and damage our economy. 

In the coming weeks, candidates will be selected for Borge the New Forest West and New Forest East constituencies as per party rules. 

We are ready and coming for the Conservatives. 

Over 1000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats since the election was called. Will you join us today and fight for a country that is open, tolerant and united? 

3 thoughts on “New Forest Liberal Democrats respond to Theresa May calling early General Election

    1. Hi Julie,

      Terry will be speaking in the debate at St. Mary’s Church, Bransgore tomorrow night (Monday 22nd 7pm).

      There are also question Time events at St. Mary’s Church, Fordingbridge on Tuesday 30th May at 7.30pm and at Ringwood Reform Church on Wednesday 31st May at 7.30pm.

      Attempts were made to organise such an event in Lymington but a date could not be agreed.


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