Liberal Democrat county councillors and candidates in the New Forest are delighted that following a question in the House of Lords by Lib Dem Environment spokesperson Baroness Kate Parminter, it has again been confirmed that DIY waste should be disposed of for free.

The Conservative Minister, Lord Bourne, stated in a written answer on 20th March 2017 that DIY waste is household waste and should, therefore, be disposed of for free. However Conservative-run Hampshire County Council continues to charge for the disposal of waste from DIY claiming that it is not household waste.

Jack Davies, Liberal Democrat candidate for Lymington and Boldre who is campaigning for these charges to be dropped said: 

“The reply from Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, one of the Ministers in the Department for Communities and Local Government clearly states that there should not be any charges for DIY waste disposal. We once again call on Hampshire County Conservatives to scrap these unlawful charges. 

“This time they must take notice of us as we have the Minister’s support. Will Hampshire County Council defy a Government Minister and continue to charge?”

The written answer from Lord Bourne is below:
The Local Authorities (prohibition of Charging Residents to Deposit Household Waste) Order 2015 prevents local authorities from charging their residents to dispose of household waste and recycling at household waste recycling centres. Furthermore, Government has been clear that DIY waste should be classed as household waste if it results from work a householder (living within the authority area) would normally carry out, and that this should be disposed of at household waste recycling centres for free. (20th March 2017)

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