The Conservative County Council’s flagship project of rolling out super fast Broadband across Hampshire has failed to reach most people in the New Forest and these areas must be included in the plan, says Chair of New Forest Liberal Democrats, Cllr Jack Davies.

Speaking after the initiative came under fire from the outgoing Official Verderer for the delays associated with the project, Cllr Jack Davies said:

“The roll-out of super fast Broadband, trumpeted by local Conservatives as a success, simply hasn’t reached most of the New Forest because of bureaucratic delays.

“What’s most concerning is that many areas in the south and west of the Forest have been completely forgotten. 

“Parts of Hordle, Pilley, Boldre, East End, Calshot, Fritham and Godshill have yet to be upgraded and aren’t even in the County Council’s plan.

“The Liberal Democrats are calling for these forgotten communities to be included in the plan.”

The Liberal Democrats are calling for Hampshire County Council to include these communities of the New Forest in its plan for rolling out super fast Broadband. If elected to Hampshire County Council on May 4th, local Liberal Democrats will make sure that the New Forest gets the strong voice on Hampshire County Council it deserves.

2 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats call for ‘forgotten communities’ to be included in plan for superfast Broadband

  1. And, if it’s anything like parts of Romsey, the fibre runsonlt to the cabinet. If your connection to the cabinet is over old copper wires then the best you can expect is 5 – 8 mbps. Better than the existing 1.5 – 2 mbps but hardly superfast!!


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