The Conservative Government have scrapped a second manifesto pledge in the space of a week after Tory ministers backtracked on a pre-election pledge to build 200,000 ‘starter homes’ for first-time buyers. 

Tory Chancellor Phillip Hammond was lambasted after the first post-Brexit Budget on Wednesday when he raised National Insurance for self-employed people, ditching a Conservative manifesto promise not to raise it. 

The Government has now axed former leader, David Cameron’s, flagship housing policy of building 200,000 starter homes at 20% below market price. 

Speaking of another broken promise, Local Lib Dem Campaigner, Cllr Jack Davies said: 

“The Conservatives have broken yet another promise. This time on building affordable starter homes for first-time buyers. 

“The Liberal Democrats have been calling on local councils to be given the authority to build houses but the government has refused. 

“Relying completely on private investment in house-building is costing local people here in the New Forest a chance of ever owning their own home. 

“Action must be taken to change that.”
You can read the Liberal Democrat vision for housing here:

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