Last night, the House of Lords debated an amendment to the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill that would keep the UK in the Single Market.

The amendment, which came from a Labour Peer, was defeated by 299 votes to 136. Labour put out a three-line whip for its peers to vote against the amendment.

Polling by NatCen found that 90% of those surveyed wished to see the UK remain a member of the Single Market however they voted in the referendum.

By voting against the amendment last night, both the Labour Party and the Conservatives are demonstrating that they are more interested in what the likes of the Daily Mail think than what matters to the people they are there to represent.

Chair of New Forest Liberal Democrats, Jack Davies, says:

“This is another kick in the teeth for those who support Single Market membership.

“According to Labour’s 2015 manifesto, the Single Market provides 3 million jobs for UK residents. It is ludicrous to risk that many jobs simply to win votes from UKIP in some mad dash to the populist, authoritarian extreme.

“The Liberal Democrats understand that Single Maerket membership is key to the UK’s future economic potential and that is why Liberal Democrat Lords backed the amendment last night to keep us in the World’s largest contiguous market place.

“Both Labour and the Tories have abandoned their principles and given up. The Liberal Democrats haven’t given up the fight, the Liberal Democrats won’t give up the fight, the Liberal Democrats will always fight for Britain to remain a member of the Single Market.”

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