The Tory Party’s Hard Brexit is one step closer to becoming reality after Labour MPs joined the Conservatives and UKIP to vote through Article 50.

The ‘European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill’ authorises Theresa May to begin Brexit talks through Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Jeremy Corbyn, siding with May, ordered Labour MPs to vote to trigger Article 50 no matter the cost.

Even members of Corbyn’s own front bench team defied him. Clive Lewis, the shadow Business Secretary even resigned.

The vote came after a total of 9 amendments to the bill were rejected – including one to guarantee the rights of EU Citizens (including British immigrants living within other European Union nations).

The Liberal Democrat amendment to the Bill which would have ensured a final referendum on the final Brexit deal before withdrawal can take place was defeated by the ‘Big 2’ Parties.

Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Farron, said the Conservatives had been handed a ‘blank cheque’ by Labour for a Hard Brexit that “was never on the ballot paper last June.”

Tim added:

“This was the very moment that the Country needed a bold and competent opposition. It also needed Conservative MPs who would put their country before their party. It didn’t get either.”

Both New Forest West MP, Desmond Swayne, and New Forest East MP, Julian Lewis, voted to trigger Article 50, against guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens and against letting the people have their say on the deal.

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