Fly tipping in Pennington

Your local Liberal Democrat Councillors and campaigners have noticed a sharp rise in incidents of fly-tipping throughout the New Forest since the announcement of new charges to recycle waste by Hampshire County Council.

In one such incident this week, a mix of wood and shattered glass was left blocking a road through Ashurst village. This caused a long queue of traffic.

Not only did it cause disruption to the lives of everyday motorists, it was potentially very dangerous as many of our Forest-dwelling animals would be at risk of serious or lethal injury from the shattered glass.

New FOrest Liberal Democrats are committed to protecting our unique environment here in the New Forest and see waste and recycling centres as vital to that fight. Closing them only raises costs for local people and damages our environment.

Cllr David Harrison, leader of the Lib Dems on New Forest District Council, said:

“Hampshire residents should be encouraged to recycle waste. What with the threat of closure of the Household Waste Recyling Centres, restrictions on operating hours and charges – all the Tories are doing is discouraging recycling and encouraging fly tipping.”

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