Both Conservative MPs voted on Wednesday 19th October not to guarantee the rights of EU citizens.

Neither New Forest West MP, Desmond Swayne, or New Forest East MP, Julian Lewis, spoke in the debate or gave any reason why they came to that decision.

The vote was to guarantee that EU citizens would have the right to remain within the U.K if they live or work here following the result of the EU referendum.

The Conservative government wants to use citizens of other European Union nations as hostages when it comes to negotiations but this has been attached by Liberal Democrat MPs (who voted in favour of guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens) for deliberately targeting a section of society that contributes more in tax than it withdraws in social security (

Responding to the result of the vote, chair of New Forest Liberal Democrats, Cllr Jack Davies, said:

“I am very disappointed that both New Forest MPs voted against guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens.

“Holding people hostage to gain some imagined advantage in the Brexit negotiations is wrong.

“I was, however, very glad to see the Liberal Democrat MPs vote on principle and support EU citizens living and working in the U.K.

“This vote shows that both New Forest MPs and the government have firmly embedded themselves in the regressive, authoritarian wing of the British political spectrum to the determiner of the residents of the New Forest.

“It will be the Liberal Democrats who continue to provide a tolerant, liberal, and sensible alternative to the incompetent and uncaring Conservative government.”

2 thoughts on “New Forest Tories vote not to guarantee the rights of EU citizens

  1. I will be joining the march to Westminster to protest about the way EU citizens in our country have been treated by the Government. I am so pleased Liberal Democrat MPs voted to secure their rights.


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