Conservative-run Hampshire County Council will close tips, such as Efford and Marchwood, after the County Council elections in 2017, a report has revealed.
The following is an extract from Household Waste Recycling Centre Service Efficiencies Implementation report of the 22nd July 2016:
“In light of the updated Medium Term Financial Strategy (see footnotes 2 & 5) and the savings target for 2019 of £120million, further savings from the HWRC service may be required. Following implementation of the options already discussed, a process of monitoring and review will take place over the coming months. These evaluations will feed into the ongoing review of what further savings may be needed. The savings are likely to arise from a reduction of the network through full site closures, with redevelopment of existing sites and reprovisioning of the network where needed to deliver a fit-for-purpose HWRC service across Hampshire.”
This follows Hampshire County Council already charging ordinary people and businesses to dispose of their household waste at the recycling centres. These charges mean that hardworking people are being hit twice – with council tax rising and residents being charged for the services that council tax is supposed to pay for. By proposing to scrap sites, the Council will increase fly-tipping, damage our new forest’s unique environment and make it harder for local people to get rid of waste safely.

The price you’ll have to pay
For ordinary users :
£2.50 per 30 litre bag of soil or rubble

£2.50 per individual item such as wash basins

£6 per 30 litre bag or £10 per sheet of plasterboard

£12 per sheet of cement bonded asbestos (accepted at some sites only)
Charges for small businesses are based on the type and quantity of the commercial waste they want to dispose of:
Vehicle Type – Cost (Full Load):
Cars/Estate Cars – £35

Small Vans (Car Derived eg Astra van/Escort van) -0 £50

Pick-Ups/MPVs/SUVs – £80

Medium Van 1-2 tonnes (ie Peugeot Boxer/Vauxhall Vivaro) -£120

Large Van up to 3 tonnes(ie Transit) – £200 

XL Van up to 3.5 tonnes (ie Luton/Hightop) – £280

Small Trailer (less than 6 foot in length) – £35

Medium Trailer (6 – 8 foot in length) – £50

Large Trailer (8 -10 foot in length) – £80 

Plasterboard = £10 per sheet
Responding to the report, Cllr Malcolm Wade, Lib Dem County Councillor for Dibden and Hythe, said:
“Recycling Centre closures would be a disaster for the local environment with increased fly tipping despoiling the countryside and the drastic loss of a needed facility very well used by local people.” 

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