A most topical issue for New Forest Liberal Democrats and Lyndhurst residents may be that on September 21, Pegasus Life organised an exhibition giving details of their proposed retirement home development in Lyndhurst on the site of the old disused Lyndhurst Park Hotel in the High Street.

Do we need this new development? Do we need a development which although very beautiful and no expense spared to those lucky enough to be in a position to afford to buy a retirement home within this new proposed development with its pretty gardens?
What do you think?
Read on and you will see how New Forest Liberal Democrats have responded to this early notice of re-development, which is well before and which has yet to be translated into any Planning Application to be sent in to the Planning Department of the New Forest District Council for approval before the development can be built. 
As Liberal Democrats we applaud the effort that has been put in to provide convenient and pleasant homes in Lyndhurst High Street by Pegasus Life for those looking to buy retirement homes, but at what cost – for themselves but also to other local people? 
And so :
We have grave concerns that the prices per unit in this new development (as yet unknown) will have the effect of jacking up the prices of houses and property in Lyndhurst and in, it follows, the remainder of the New Forest too.
This will make it even more impossible for young people and young families to afford to live here and bring up a family in Lyndhurst. We need to find a solution to this appalling situation.
Please let us know what you think.
Therefore it follows that Liberal Democrats would very much welcome a Local Government as well as Central Government solution to encourage a more imaginative and beneficial solution to this proposed Lyndhurst site.
In this way Lyndhurst could become a more long term choice for young people and young families who are needed in order to guarantee Lyndhurst’s long term future.
But in the meanwhile, we await with interest the submission of the Planning Application to the Local Planning Authority.
Before that application goes in, we have grave concerns about certain aspects of this development which we will oppose where and if necessary and these are, among other things :
1. The entire exhibition made absolutely no mention of Section 106 provision which is a very important requirement under Planning Law that developers must provide social and affordable housing as part of the new scheme. Where will this affordable housing be on this new site?
2. What about people who are looking for somewhere to live near here – perhaps they have a job here: and they will not be able to afford to live in Lyndhurst at this rate because of the high costs of houses in the area and now, this new development.
3. Medical services in Lyndhurst are already very over stretched. How will the existing! ! surgeries manage if there are to be another 75 households to be added to the existing medical practice’s numbers?
This is a very difficult situation and one that needs resolving before Planning Permission is given for this new development to be built.
Finally we would be happy to put forward your views at the Planning Application stage and, if necessary, to campaign on this rather tricky issue for residents of Lyndhurst.
Therefore, we need to know what you think!
Alexi Sugden,

Liberal Democrat Focus Editor

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