New Forest Liberal Democrats have come out in support of the plans for a new crematorium at Stem Lane in New Milton.
Declaring his support for the proposals, Liberal Democrat councillor for Becton on New Milton Town Council, Cllr Wyn Davies, said:
“Whilst I am aware that there are doubts about a new crematorium planned for New Milton and I am also aware that as a town councillor for Becton ward I could be accused of nimbyism by proxy as it does not directly affect my ward it must be said that there are several advantages in this plan.
“Clearly a need exists as anyone who has had to queue at either Bournemouth or Southampton Crematorium will testify. We also have a need to find space for some extra 930 houses under current government sponsored plans, so I will restrain my comments to pointing out that the crematorium plan will protect a large chunk of local green space that might otherwise be used for housing and that modern regulations will prevent any offensive effluvia.
“I cannot however comment on more recent concerns about charges although there is a code of conduct which seems to keep a check on such things.”

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